Food Safety

Delis are very fast paced departments that utilize a variety of cold storage units in both the front and the back operation of the deli, and offer a variety of foods that are Ready to Eat, in both the hot and cold temperature variety.

Cold storage units are constantly being opened for the entire time they are serving the public.

Cold Temperature Problems

Despite delis working to keep cold storage temperatures in range – the FDA 10-year Longitudinal study indicated that 299 out of 490 were Out of Compliance in the Improper Holding/Time and Temperature category (includes hot and cold temperatures). Following are the top 3 areas that delis need to focus on improving, in regards to cold storage temperatures:

1) Out of 299 delis 59 out of 98 were Out of Compliance in the risk factor of PHF/TCS Food held cold at 41ºF (5ºC) or below.


2) 19 out of 30 were Out of Compliance in the risk factor of PHF/TCS Food cooled to 70ºF in 2 hours/41ºF (5ºC) in total of 6 hours; and,


3) 9 out of 20 were Out of Compliance in the risk factor of PHF/TCS Food (prepared from ingredients at ambient temp.) is cooled to 41ºF (5ºC) or below within 4 hours.

Premier All Natural Humidity and Ethylene Control Filters have been proven to reduce cold storage recovery times during the busiest parts of the day and to eliminate Out of Compliance, temperature alarms completely.

Eliminating dramatic temperature swings is crucial to keeping the food cold and preserving freshness.  The filters are easy to hang right on the racks and last for 90 days.


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