Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our filters.

I’ve never seen food grade filters in coolers and freezers—Why do I need them?
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage filters are totally non-toxic.  They are edible.
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage reduce condensation and moisture which improves cold storage.
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage reduce airborne bacteria-mold and the risk of airborne food illness
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage are improve food safety and reduce liability insurance costs.
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage save on monthly energy costs, expensive equipment repairs and pre-mature equipment replacement.
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage are excellent products to help all comply with your HACCP plans.
If my food products move so quickly—then I don’t really need to be concern with freshness and safety?
  • Have you ever tasted a salad that doesn’t smell fresh, but smells like a cooler and has that lingering cooler taste? We prevent cross contamination and odor transfers of all products, veggies, onion, garlic, seafood, cheeses etc…
  • Cross-contamination travels on the water vapor molecule and we reduce excess water vapor. We take freshness to a whole new level.
  • Ethylene Gas and Acetic Acids build up in coolers—our food grade filters wick away a variety of harmful gases so products taste fresh and last longer
I have small margins –so how will this product contain my costs?
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage  pay for themselves and put money back in your pocket day after day. Filters reduce compressor run times and improve recovery times when product has been loaded into cold storage. Energy costs in freezers and cooler can be reduced from 8 to 39 percent.
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage  help reduce shrink and waste of all food products
  • Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage prolong shelf life on a variety of products up to 3 extra weeks.
Why do I need filters in my freezer?
  • Your freezers are the hardest working piece of equipment in your facility. Food grade filters reduce excessive icing, snowing and stubborn freezer odors.
  • Food grade filters reduce energy costs and can reduce your defrost cycles which can save you a tremendous amount of money every month and year.
  • Ice bends metals on doors, equipment and fans which are expensive to replace. We help prevent service calls for repairs and additional un planned equipment costs.
Are your food grade filters safe around my food?
  • Premier All Natural Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage are food grade minerals, plant and botanical by-products that are non-toxic, totally safe, CODEX Food Grade –approved by FDA, USDA and Department of Defense. Our blends are even safe to eat.
  • Filter blends are contained in a breathable DuPont pharmaceutical, food grade Tyvek pouch that has been used in the pharmaceutical and vitamin supplement industries for years.
Will the food grade filters lower my temperatures?
  • Yes – normally we see 2 to 5 degrees drop in reach-ins and walk-in coolers.
  • Freezers can see a 5 to 15-degree drop depending on the set-point on the thermostat.
  • Remember drier air is easier to cool than heavy damp moisture laden air.


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