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What are the filters made of?

Premier All Natural Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage are food grade minerals, plant and botanical by-products that are non-toxic, totally safe, CODEX Food Grade –approved by FDA, USDA and Department of Defense. Our blends are even safe to eat.

Filter blends are contained in a breathable DuPont pharmaceutical, food grade Tyvek pouch that has been used in the pharmaceutical and vitamin supplement industries for years.

How long do the filters last?

Each filter lasts up to 90 days.

What are the benefits of using these filters?

Our filters:
– Dramatically lower temperature of coolers and freezers
– Extend perishables shelf life up to 200% by reducing ethylene gases, acetic acid, and other harmful contaminants
– Remove 100% of all molds
– Kill 94.5% of airborne bacteria and eliminate dramatic fluctuations in temperatures that promote bacteria growth
– Improve air quality to maintain fresher food products
– Allow cold storage equipment to work more efficiently
– Satisfy and exceed all known HACCP and FDA requirements for safe food storage
– Meet OSHA requirements for clean dry floors by reducing excess condensation and wetness
– Decrease maintenance and service costs of cold storage equipment by reducing energy usage, and premature rusting caused by acetic acid.

How much will the filters lower freezer temperatures by?

Normally we see 2 to 5 degrees °F drop in reach-ins and walk-in coolers.
While freezers can drop between 5 to 15-degree °F depending on the set-point on the thermostat.

Note, drier air is easier to cool than heavy damp moisture laden air.

How does this product protect profit margins?

Our Humidity Control Filters for Cold Storage pay for itself and put money back in your pocket by:

– Reducing compressor run times and improve recovery times when product
has been loaded into cold storage.
– Energy costs in freezers and cooler can be reduced from 8 to 39 percent.
– Lowers shrink and waste.
– Prolonging shelf life on a variety of products up to 3 extra weeks.

If my food products move so quickly — do I need to be concerned with freshness and safety?

Have you ever tasted a salad that doesn’t smell fresh, but smells like a cooler and has that lingering cooler taste?

We prevent cross contamination and odor transfers. Cross-contamination travels on the water vapor molecule. We reduce excess water vapor to take freshness to a whole new level.

Ethylene Gas and Acetic Acids build up in coolers—our food grade filters stop a variety of harmful gases so products taste fresh and last longer.