Food Safety

Every school in America has to submit and follow an approved Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan and maintaining optimal cold storage is of primary focus in all HACCP plans.

Schools receive supplies almost every day, and cold storage doors are opened many more times than some of the busiest restaurants.

Cold Temperature Problems

Despite schools working to keep cold storage temperature in range – the FDA 10-year Longitudinal Study indicated that 27.5% (100 out of 364) of Elementary Schools observed were Out of Compliance in the risk factor of Improper Holding/Time and Temperature category (includes hot and cold temperatures).

Following is the area that Elementary Schools most need to focus on improving, in regards to cold storage temperatures:

Of the 100 schools observed, 29% (27 out of 93 observations) were determined to be Out of Compliance in the risk factor of PHF/TCS Food held cold at 41ºF or below.

Premier All Natural Humidity and Ethylene Control Filters for walk-ins, reach-ins and freezers are a great addition to every school’s HACCP plan for maintaining cold temperatures, even during the busiest of times.

They are easy to hang right on the racks and last up to 90 days.


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