These one-of-a kind, “patent-pending” food-grade filters are good for your HVAC equipment, your Food Safety Program, and the environment.

Benefits to Equipment

The walk-in/reach-in cooler is a crucial part of your business! Premier’s Humidity and Ethylene Control Disposable Filters extend the life of your HVAC equipment in many ways.

  • They reduce maintenance & service calls by as much as 50%
  • They reduce temperature recovery times by 50%
  • They reduce defrost cycles in freezers from 25-50%
  • They reduce compressor KWH usage by 8-39% in walk-in coolers and freezers
  • They eliminate monitoring alarms caused by dramatic temperature fluctuations during busy times
  • They dramatically reduce ice on equipment and doors
  • They stop freezer snow
  • They prevent rusting of cooler panels and evaporator fins that can be caused by humidity or acetic acid

There are no wires to connect and they don’t need any electrical power. They work 24 hours a day improving air quality and maintaining food products. The filters are easy to replace by your staff every 90 days with a hassle-free DIY system.

Benefits to Food & Safety

In the food business, FRESHNESS is the premium benefit!
Premier’s Humidity and Ethylene Control Disposable Filters offer a range of benefits.

  • They prevent cross-contamination of food from heavy fridge odors generated by onions, garlic and zesty sauces
  • They reduce fish and oyster odors by absorbing ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen and carbon dioxide
  • They reduce temperatures by 2-8F which extends the life of all fresh perishables by up to 200%
  • They extend the life of food products during power failures, when the doors are kept closed
  • They prevent the formation of white spots on chocolates for better presentation
  • They reduce shrink and waste
  • They inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria which is so destructive to food
  • They are 100% food grade, or Codex
  • They meet all known HACCP and FDA requirements for safe food storage
  • They help meet OSHA Requirements for clean dry floors

Premier’s Humidity and Ethylene Control Disposable Filters have an immediate ROI to the bottom line. And they are totally non-toxic so they are easily disposed of right in the trash with no danger, when replaced with new ones.

Give us a call or order your trial kit today to begin saving money and say goodbye to violations for good.