Electricity Benefits

According to Supermarket Best Practices and Southern California Edison, two studies that analyzed the average electricity costs of grocery stores, refrigeration and freezing systems constitute 50% or more of a supermarket’s electricity bill.

With the high costs involved in maintaining cold temperatures for products throughout the store, reducing the humidity in freezers and cold display cases will show up on the market’s lower electric bills.

Premier All Natural Filters quickly absorbs heat and water vapor to maintain constant cold temperatures. Removing humidity results in less energy usage and more savings going to the bottom line.

Increased Shelf Life

Several studies have demonstrated that using Premier All Natural Humidity and Ethylene control filters, increases the shelf life of all perishable produce by up to 200%.

By controlling the relative humidity, ethylene and pectin gas in refrigerated areas, fruit and vegetables remain more appealing to consumers who are looking to buy.

Reduced humidity also decreases the optimal breeding ground for bacteria and mold, ensuring that food will be kept sanitary and meet the strict FDA guidelines.

Equipment Savings

Premier All Natural Humidity and Ethylene Control Filters eliminate 100% of the acid molecules in the air that come from tomatoes and citrus fruit and can cause rusting and pitting of refrigeration equipment. This reduces the overall equipment costs and lengthens the life of expensive equipment.

Even service maintenance is not necessary outside of the normal quarterly checkups. The filters are easy to hang right on the racks and last up to 90 days.


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