Why Use Premier All Natural Humidity and Ethylene Control Filters?

Our products WILL save you money! Stop losing business and save your restaurant the embarrassment of being cited with food and health citations. And we are the ONLY filters that are food grade.


Preserve Freshness and Quality

  • Extend the freshness of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, fish,grains, and flowers
  • Maintain the integrity of frozen foods and reduce freezer burn.
  • Eliminate ethylene gas, acetic acid, polluted vapors, cross contamination and odors
  • Minimize temperature volatility that triggers alarms, by reducing condensation.


Protect Your Equipment

  • Reduce utility costs between 13-29%
  • Stop excessive icing damage
  • Minimize cooler and freezer recovery times during busy periods
  • Reduce defrost cycles by 50%
  • Extend equipment life with reduced run times
  • Eliminate the destructive nature of acetic acid on evaporator fins and cooler walls


Our New WiFi Monitoring Systems are the Answer To Maintaining The Integrity of Your Chilled Goods

  • Show you real-time reporting from any location with WiFi
  • Eliminate manual temperature logs by storing in the cloud
  • Eliminate product loss
  • Generate HACCP temperature reports in little to no time
  • Reduce utility costs between 13-29%
  • Support desktop, mobile, and tablet access
  • Free up staff to do other important tasks
  • It’s inexpensive & saves you money
  • Receive emergency alerts on equipment problems and failuresCall or email for customized quotes as low as $35 per month.


Further Benefits 

The National Restaurant Association has determined that 72% of their members see increased revenues when they market fresh produce. It is estimated that 20% of all restaurant food goes to waste. Food savings alone would pay for the monthly cost of Premier All Natural Filters! Save up to $9,000 annually or $750 monthly.


Reduce Food Borne Illnesses

The FDA 10 year longitudinal study of 850 restaurants, released in 2011, found that 54.7% of full service restaurants were out of compliance for the improper cold holding of potentially hazardous food. Improper cold holding temps was the #1 risk contributing to food-born illness. This is especially hazardous for individuals with compromised immune systems.


Safer Enviornment

Our products prevent cross-contamination, keep food fresh longer, and help keep equipment in top shape. We reduce icing which has the potential for slip-and-fall incidents in the workplace.

They are easy to hang on the racks and last 90 days.


Customer Service

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